The day I cried on the sidewalk at 5 AM

I just wrote a long, whiny post and wordpress ate it when I pressed “Publish”. Thanks for looking out for me! Hopefully this one will be less pathetic. Anyway, I ran 32 miles last week- pain free! I didn’t do much running over the weekend because I was in Tahoe, and kept pretty busy drinking, … Continue reading

Random shit in my head.

There’s a lot of random crap floating around in my brain this week. Most of it has very little, if anything, to do with running. It’s kind of a nice break, actually! I had to fish a dead bird out of one of the reactors at work the other day. Then I realized I wasn’t … Continue reading

Don’t call it a comeback…

I ran 41 miles last week. No, seriously.  Okay, maybe a comeback? I’m not going to make blanket statements about how I’m able to run again because to be quite honest, it seems to be a day-to-day sort of thing. Last week just happened to be a “run every day” week. Quick breakdown: Monday – 4 … Continue reading

Stages of [Injury] Grief

First of all, today is my husband’s birthday, so happy birthday to him! I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read this, but whatever. He’s caught up to me age-wise, so I’ve got a full 5 months free from cougar jokes, yay! 🙂 Us in Cabo last fall. Anyway, back to what this blog is supposed to … Continue reading

Desperate Times Call for… Pool Running?

My last post was basically a giant pity part about how I couldn’t run. This time I’m going to be more positive, and not just because I’m able to run again! As someone who spends an inordinate amount of time running, thinking about running, buying running shoes/clothes, and working to afford running shoes/clothes, it’s a … Continue reading

Injured, again.

I don’t think I’m cut out to be a blogger… I’m terrible about consistently posting! Anyway, part of my silence is due to injury. Yes, I hurt myself again. And yes, it’s an IT band issue. But at least it’s the opposite leg this time? I got in a really strong 21 mile run 3 … Continue reading

SRM Week 2 of 12

This post could alternatively be titled “SRM: the week I questioned my sanity”. After my first week of training, I was tired. More tired than I remember ever being during peak mileage weeks in past training cycles. Luckily, I planned rest days every Monday throughout the plan. By Tuesday I was feeling ready to tackle … Continue reading

Santa Rosa Marathon Training Week 1 of 12

Last week I began my “official” training for the Santa Rosa Marathon. I say “official” because I’ve spent the last couple of months working on speed, racing, and building up a good base, all of which play into my marathon preparations. The last 6 weeks of training included an average 43 miles per week, for … Continue reading

Women’s Fitness Festival 5k

Yesterday I raced my first ever 5k at the Women’s Fitness Festival here in Sacramento. After last Monday’s race, I was feeling really tired and kind of “blah” so I took it relatively easy the rest of the week: 8 miles easy Wed, 6 miles slow Thursday, 5 miles Friday, and 4 miles Saturday. I skipped my favorite … Continue reading

Wounded Veteran Run 10k

I spent the morning of Memorial Day at the Wounded Veteran Run 10k race in Folsom. The company that I’m currently working at (that my company is contracted under) is the main corporate sponsor, and after seeing about a million signs all over the place, I decided I should run it. The race benefits the Wounded … Continue reading