NWM Training – 10 weeks out

I am currently training for my third marathon, the Nike Women’s Marathon, held October 17, 2010 in San Francisco. If you’d like to learn more about my running background, check out the Running Tab at the top of the page!

Anyway, I am 10 weeks out from the big race. My training for this week looks like this:

  • 8/9: Insanity (Rest)
  • 8/10: 10-20 min warmup; 6 x 800m @ 8:00.mi (1:30 min RI); 10 min cooldown+ weights (was right on the mark with these intervals!)
  • 8/11: Insanity (Rest)
  • 8/12: 8 mile run: 1 mi easy, 6 mi @ 9:15/mi, 1 mi easy + weights
  • 8/13: Insanity
  • 8/14: 5 mile easy hills
  • 8/15: 22 miles long run

(My complete training plan is here.)

This past weekend, I ran 4.5 miles with hills on Saturday and did a long run of 18 miles on Sunday. The long run was done at a 10:05 pace, which is slower than I have been running lately and much more painful (my 20 miler the week prior was at a 9:44 pace and I felt like I could have kept running). I suspect that I have been pushing myself too hard without a step down week, and because of that I took both Monday and today as rest days. Mentally, it’s tough to be taking days off when I “should” be exercising, but I am trying to listen to my body!

I am excited for my run tomorrow- hopefully I will wake up refreshed and ready to go!


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