Lunch leftovers: fish

Today has been a crazy day at the office. We are always busier at the end of the week than at the beginning due to the nature of the business, but this week is exceptionally bad because we have reports due out tomorrow. I must say that while I love being a woman, sometimes too many women working together = too many hormones.

As I said earlier, I packed my lunch today using last night’s leftover mahi mahi. Since I got to work late and didn’t eat breakfast until I got in, my meal schedule was sort of messed up. I had my “morning snack” at about 12:30. It consisted of some Kashi GoLean cereal:

And some almonds:

This is Gibbs as of this morning. He’s kind of a bad dog (hence the begging) but I absolutely love him. How could you not, with that adorable little face?

Back to the snack- I packed it in a cute jar that originally contained hummus:

After avoiding the wrath of the raging office monster getting some reports edited, I broke into my greek yogurt + kiwi + pineapple. At about 4 I ate my leftover steamed veggies and mahi mahi. Here they are all packaged up (I haven’t gotten the courage to take pictures while at work yet!)

I may or may not have also had a (giant) Diet Coke and some of these babies a few minutes ago:

My office has recently decided to have snacks on hand, and goldfish crackers are the most food-like substance of those provided! If I were going straight home, I probably would have held out to eat anything. But I promised the Hubble that I would meet him at the gym for some weights! (And to be completely honest, I think I have developed some level of addiction to these. Again. Let’s just say that these guys come in Costco-sized cartons and there used to be one in my home).

Off to the gym! Today is chest + triceps day and I couldn’t be more excited. I finally am getting strong enough to do real dips, which makes them so much more fun. Now I just need to be able to do a pull-up!

P.S. It looks like there are people finding me from some other blogs- please don’t be afraid of introducing yourself!


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