Arugula and Pepper Omelette

I don’t usually get extreme post-run hunger until I wake up the day after a long run, and today was definitely not an exception. I feel like all I have done today is eat!

Since the Hubble is out of town this evening, I was on my own for dinner. The first thought that popped into my head was “pancakes!” I have this weird sort of obsession with pancakes but the Hubble isn’t a major fan so I don’t eat them as often as I would were it up to just me (i.e. every night). However, given that I had pancakes yesterday and there were some odds and ends in the fridge needing to be consumed by Wednesday, I pushed my dream aside for the evening 🙂

I decided to make Breakfast for Dinner! The only difference is that people don’t usually have wine at breakfast!

Here is my masterpiece:

Omelette with sauteed yellow pepper, a handful of arugula, and topped with mozarella, rosemary-garlic red potatoes, sauteed tomato slices, and turkey bacon.

It was delicious and I am very proud of myself for creating a meal using random items that needed to be used up 🙂


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