NWM Training – 9 weeks out

Happy Monday everyone! I’m happy about it being Monday for once, since I am only going to be in the office until Wednesday this week!

We are officially 9 weeks out from the Nike Women’s Marathon on October 17! I am feeling pretty confident that the race will go well based on how well my training has gone so far. Plus, I’m light years ahead of where I was 2 months out for my other two marathons.

This week is a real step back week. I know I said that at the beginning of last week, since my body was dragging, but it didn’t end up happening. I decided to push through and do the 20 miles yesterday and take this week easier because I am going on a mini-vacation starting this Wednesday!

Here’s the plan for the week:

  • Monday 8/16: Rest
  • Tuesday 8/17: Interval run (10-20 min warmup; 12 x 400m (1:30 RI); 10 min cooldown), weights
  • Wednesday 8/18: Insanity
  • Thursday 8/19: Tempo run (2 easy, 3 @ 8:45, 1 easy), weights
  • Friday 8/20: Insanity
  • Saturday 8/21: 5 miles easy
  • Sunday 8/22: Long run, 15 miles @ goal of 9:30 pace

I may do some shuffling around during the weekend, or even go shorter on my long run, depending on how everything pans out. My main priorities for this trip is to explore/get to know Reno and to spend time with my family. If running falls by the wayside, so be it! (That’s the plan, at least… I have a hard time deviating from set schedules- just ask the Hubble!)


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