Reno Recap

My visit to Reno has been awesome! My parents and my in-laws all came down to see us here and to help us check out the city.

Thursday afternoon was spent wandering around various Reno neighborhoods, checking out the housing market.

Thursday evening, the Hubble’s parents arrived and we all went and had a nice dinner. The Hubble and I both had some work to do on Friday morning, but afterwards we set out to explore downtown Reno. None of us were all that interested in the casinos, but we found some nice parks along the Truckee River to play in!

Our dads (mine on the right) are pretty much long lost BFFs. When our parents joined us in Cancun for our wedding, the running joke was “wait, who’s getting married here?” because they can talk for hours. We even went so far as to threaten to put them at opposite ends of the table at meals 🙂

After we all had lunch, the Hubble went back to work and the rest of us did more touring of neighborhoods. There were five of us crammed into a little sedan for 2 hours straight which resulted in some major leg cramping, but we still had fun! There are a lot of cool little neighborhoods in Reno and it was nice to explore them all! A bit later the Hubble called us and then met us at yet another park. I don’t know how it can be so hot and dry here and they can maintain such beautiful parks!

I was so happy to see him. And not just because he was going to save me from being smashed into the middle back seat between my parents! While our parents forgot we existed and were talking about real estate and quilting, Matt and I talked about what we thought about Reno. Oh, and we played on the playground a bit too!

Saturday we all slept in, grabbed some hotel breakfast, and then headed to Lake Tahoe! I think both the Hubble and I were more excited about the lake then we were about any of our other activities for the weekend. We took a nice winding highway from Reno to Incline Village on the northeast edge of the lake. On the drive up, it started raining and we were worried about the weather being bad. However, it turned out to be absolutely perfect! It was mid-70s and mostly overcast, so it was a welcome changed from the dry heat and intense sun of Reno.

We first just got out and tried to find a place to get to the shore, but apparently all of the beaches in that area were private 😦 Copper, the Hubble’s childhood pet, also got to come along. She was so happy!

We decided to grab a picnic lunch at the grocery store and head south to the state park. Of course, the Hubble and I had to find a nice tall rock to perch on!

After lunch came the exciting part- the hike down to the lake!

Basically, Lake Tahoe is gorgeous and amazing. It took us less than an hour to get there from Reno, as well, and we passed multiple ski areas on the way! The outdoor activities in and near Reno are really extensive, which is a huge selling point for me!

Yesterday morning was taken up by my long run and a nice little family brunch before my in-laws headed home. My dad was really excited to go see the car museum here in Reno, so we went and did that. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. It was really well put together and interesting! My favorite part was the area with dress-up clothes and a car you could get your picture taken in.

After our museum adventure, my parents left for the airport and the Hubble and I just crashed in the hotel for awhile. We love spending time with our parents since we don’t see them all that often, but they all absolutely love to talk and sometimes it’s hard to get everyone focused- Matt compared getting everyone ready to do something to “wrangling cats” and I have to say that I agree!

I was sad to see my parents leave though! Luckily Labor Day is coming up really soon and we will be headed to Oregon for that.

(I was channeling my inner awe cat to annoy my mom. If you don’t know what that is, look it up on YouTube!)

Time to get packed up and head back to reality 😦


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