Garmin Woes

I realized on Tuesday that I had left the charging dock for my Garmin in our hotel room in Reno. This realization came when I saw that my battery was getting close to low and went to charge it. After briefly freaking out because I’ve become quite attached to the little guy, I got into contact with the hotel staff and thankfully they had it in their lost and found! They were even willing to ship it to me, which was awfully nice of them :). All I had to worry about then was making sure it came before my long run this weekend!

Yesterday I came home from work and the Hubble told me “Somebody was very, very bad today…” As it turns out, our animals worked together to cause destruction in our home. And unlike the time when Beans the cat managed to open a box of jelly beans and paw them off the counter, one by one, to certain dog to eat, this was decidedly not cute.

See anything wrong with this picture?

See? Very un-cute. The good news is that yesterday I found a package in the mailbox containing my charger. The bad news is that I can’t wear the watch as a watch until I get a replacement band, which will probably be sometime next week :(.

This morning I took the stinky no-good dog on an easy 5 mile run that we ran at a 9:25 pace. I carried the watch face in my hand for the run, which wasn’t too bad. The run was nice and relaxing, and Gibbs always seems to enjoy going out to run! As much as I love the feeling of accomplishment after a hard speed workout or a long run, relaxed weekend runs may be my favorite. I can sleep in, leisurely eat breakfast and hang out the family, and then head out without any pressure to run a certain speed!

Since I haven’t updated in a while, I figured I’d make note of my workouts since Tuesday so I can have a full log of my training. Wednesday the Hubble and I did Insanity in the morning. Thursday morning I had a tempo run scheduled. The original plan was 6 miles: 1 easy, 4 @ 9:00 pace, 1 easy. I was feeling really good this week physically, which was probably due to last week’s step back, and so I felt like pushing a bit harder. I decided to do 8 miles, with 5 @ my tempo pace.

Summary of the run:

  • Overall: 8.00 miles in 1:14 (9:11 overall pace)
  • 2 mi warmup: 19:08 (9:34 pace)
  • Tempo 1: 8:59
  • Tempo 2: 8:52
  • Tempo 3: 8:48
  • Tempo 4: 8:48
  • Tempo 5: 8:37
  • Cooldown: 10:27

It was a challenging run, but I felt really good about pushing myself to have a nice negative split!

Friday I was pretty sore and pretty lazy, so I took a day off. I did end up being at work for 11 hours though, so I wasn’t lazy in all aspects of my life that day 🙂

Tomorrow I plan on tackling my third 20 mile training run. After that, there will only be 7 weeks until the marathon! I am starting to get really excited for it 😀

And finally, since I have been really bad about taking photos of what I’ve been cooking, here’s my latest meal: Grilled Cinnamon Sugar Soynut Butter + Pear Sandwich

I highly recommend it!


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