Running Fever

I guess this post would be more accurately titled “Running while Running a Fever”, but it sounded a little too ramble-y.

An icky cold bug has been floating around my office, and I was unlucky enough to catch it this week :(. The last time I had a cold was in March, I believe, and I was starting to feel invincible! I used to get colds all the time, but since I’ve been exercising regularly and trying to eat well, I have been really healthy.

Wednesday afternoon I came home early because I was feeling really sick and feverish. Even though I lounged on the couch all evening and got plenty of sleep, I woke up Thursday feeling pretty “off” still. However, I was scheduled to run 10 miles and since I want to reach 1000 miles for the year on Sunday, I was stubborn enough to run despite feeling sick.

All advice that I have read regarding running while sick says that it’s okay to run with a cold, but running with a fever isn’t the greatest idea. An article in Runner’s World said that if your temperature is over 99 degrees, you should skip a run. Since my temperature was just below that (but still definitely above my normal body temp), I felt justified in running anyway.

Unfortunately, the statement “running with a fever makes the fever and flu-like symptoms worse” proved to be true on my run. While I did actually start to feel better as I ran, afterward I was pretty miserable for awhile! Luckily, even though I worked a full day after my run, I woke up this morning feeling almost 100%. I would have been pretty mad at myself if my stupidity had made me significantly sicker.

Anyway, despite the fever and cold, I had a pretty decent run. My training plan said to run 10 miles at my marathon pace. I still honestly don’t know what pace I should be aiming for during the actual race. Conservatively, I would say a 9:45 pace, since I have been able to manage that on my 20 mile runs. Theoretically, though, if I taper and am feeling good the day of, I should be able to run closer to a 9:30 pace. I decided my goal for the run would therefore be a 9:30 pace.

I surpassed my expectations on the run by quite a bit. I started off at a 9:30 pace, but then managed to complete the 1o miles in 1:32:08, or a 9:13 pace. I’m feeling too lazy to go get my splits from my Garmin, but I had a pretty good negative split.

Today is a rest and travel day, since we are headed to Oregon to see friends and family and to RACE! Have a good Friday!


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