I am in a funk.

Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. I indicated in my last post that I would be writing a “Labor Day weekend update”, but that obviously didn’t happen. Perhaps I will get around to it sometime in the near future. The truth is, I haven’t had much motivation to write a blog post in the last week.

The lack of motivation stems from the fact that I have been feeling completely overwhelmed lately. My job has been getting increasingly stressful- I don’t want to go into details, but I’m feeling overworked and underappreciated.

My body responds to this sort of stress very badly. Mental and emotional stress takes its toll on me physically and nearly always leads to me getting sick. I am not confident that I ever fully recovered from the cold I got just before the half marathon, as I’ve been feeling lethargic and less than 100% since then. Being stressed always leads to me making less than stellar choices regarding how I take care of my self as well (I may or may not have eaten brownies as a pre-run snack, and consumed something like 4 glasses of wine the night before a long run). Basically, I am feeling worn down and even woke up with a sore throat this morning :(.

Despite my lack of motivation for most other things, I have been at least attempting all of my training runs. Since I haven’t reported runs in quite some time, here’s the abbreviated version (more details can be found on my dailymile page):

  • Monday 9/6: 4 mi recovery run (untimed)
  • Tuesday 9/7: 8 mi “intervals”, 9:27 pace overall. Only did half of the planned intervals, then did the rest easy (still stiff and sore)
  • Wednesday 9/8: 2 miles total, to/from gym
  • Thursday 9/9: 7 mi tempo run, 8:52 pace overall. 5 miles @ average 8:33/mi.
  • Friday 9/10: Rest
  • Saturday 9/11: 3.25 miles @ 9:27 pace.
  • Sunday 9/12: 17 miles @ 9:45 pace. Was supposed to be 20 miles.
  • Monday 9/13: 3 miles recovery
  • Tuesday 9/14: 6.5 miles intervals. Goal was 3 x 1600m @ 7:45-7:50. Splits 7:49, 7:48, 8:04.

Typing all of that out actually makes me feel a bit better. I’ve been feeling a little “blah” about my runs lately, since I haven’t been hitting my pace/distance goals as consistently as I want to be. At least I know that I have been trying!

Making Changes

My lovely Hubble and I have been talking quite a bit about what I/we can do to make life a little easier. It’s pretty obvious to both of us that my job is the biggest source of stress in my life, and therefore a major stressor in our relationship. As much as I’d like to give my two weeks’ notice today, I don’t think I am bold enough to jump into unemployment without something else lined up. We have a few ideas about how we can work everything out, but I guess time will tell!

For now I guess I will be focusing on the fun and awesome things in life, like my amazing husband, our plethora of pets, and of course RUNNING!

Pictures from my half marathon:

(dang my biceps look bigger than my head in that pic!)

There are less than 5 weeks until the Nike Women’s Marathon! I’m already devising a plan for after that race, since I don’t want to fall into a post-race slump. I just need to find the perfect race!


2 thoughts on “Uninspired.

  1. You sound like you need a little uplifting so maybe today would be a good time to tell you that yours is one of my favorite blogs and I’ve been missing your posts this past week. It always surprises me when you’re disappointed in your runs because I only wish I could do what you’re doing!

    Hope things at work get better. I went through a similiar slump this past year. It was tough on both me and my husband. Ever think about quitting? Even if you don’t actually do it, I’ve found that giving myself the freedom to consider it actually does wonders.

    • Thank you so much for this comment! It really did brighten my day 🙂 Yes, I have been thinking about quitting quite a bit lately. And you’re right- even though I don’t think I will quit until I have to (we’re probably moving within a year), looking at job postings and realizing that I don’t HAVE to stay here is quite liberating!

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