T-minus 2 days to NWM!

I’ve been doing a terrible job of keeping this little blog updated. It’s probably obvious based on my last post regarding me quitting my job, but life has been a tad bit hectic the past month or so.

The long story short of me quitting my job is that the Hubble and I will be moving to Reno sometime in the semi-near future for his job (which was the Hubble’s idea, and we are very excited about). Because of that, I knew that I would be leaving the job in less than a year. I didn’t want to switch jobs and then move less than a year later, so I just decided to stick it out. One thing led to another, though, and I am going to be working for myself!

It’s sort of a scary transition, since I don’t have any official contracts yet, but I’m hoping that changes now that I’ve given notice at my current job. My current boss is even pushing my company to give me a part time consulting position to help train my replacement. We will see how it goes, but I am very excited about it! The best part is that I would be working remotely on these projects, so I can do them here or anywhere else I happen to be!

Now, the other major thing going on in my life is THE NIKE WOMEN’S MARATHON THIS WEEKEND. Tapering has gone very well, and I am ready to just run it already! The only problems are that a) I am warding off a stress-induced cold, and b) my “time of month” just started. Seriously?? I have been predicting that this would happen, and couldn’t really do anything about it except hope that I got lucky.

My plan for the race is to find the 4:10 pace group and run with them. I have never run with a pacer before, but I have a nasty habit of starting out too fast on runs because I am excited, and don’t want to crash too early on. I don’t actually know if I’ll be able to finish the marathon in 4:10, but according to my latest half marathon time I should theoretically be able to finish in 4:04. There are an awful lot of hills in this race, though, and if my body isn’t feeling 100% there’s no telling what could happen. Basically, I will be happy if I finish in 4:20 or less, since my current PR is 4:52!






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