My feet are disgusting (and other random thoughts)

This is going to sound weird, but I’ve been told that I have really nice feet. I’m honestly not even sure what that means, and I’ve never really cared that much about what my feet looked like. Until I started running enough that my toenails started getting bruised, falling off, etc. Now, my feet are completely mangled and disgusting, and it actually kind of bothers me. Good thing it’s almost too cold for sandals!

With all the running I’ve been doing, I’ve been going through shoes like nobody’s business. I’ve been wearing Saucony ProGrid Ride 2’s since this spring, and I bought 2 more pairs on the cheap since they were discontinued. I love that I could have 4 pairs of the same shoes in different colors- it makes it so much more fun when I start to wear a new pair!

I’m currently on my third pair (the yellow ones). Good thing, too, since I am going to be doing a lot more running in the next few months! After taking it nice and easy this week for recovery from the marathon (and the cold I managed to pick up!), I went on my first long run this morning. I ended up running 12.5 miles at an average pace of 9:14, and it felt really nice to be back at it! The weather where I am wasn’t the greatest today, with really intense wind and rain, but luckily the rain held off during my run.

This week I put together a training plan for the next few months, which will carry me through the California International Marathon on December 5 and the Redding Marathon on January 16. It’s pretty similar to what I’ve been doing, but I am going to incorporate strength training again. Before, I tried to do running, the Insanity workout, and strength training, and I just couldn’t keep up with all of it. Pretty soon I had dropped Insanity, and my strength training sessions were getting further and further apart. Now, I’m going to try running 4-5 days a week and strength train 2 days a week. With my new work schedule, I may have more time for other things, but I want to make sure that I keep up with the strength training! Luckily the Hubble has agreed to make a plan for me, heavy on upper body and core with lots of leg-specific exercises that should prepare me for lots of downhill running (i.e. the Redding marathon!). My full training plan is here.

And now, here are some random photos from the marathon. First, the Hubble and Gibbs the morning of the race:

And me at the start in my sweet new running jacket:

And finally, the Hubble and I on the shuttle after the race:


2 thoughts on “My feet are disgusting (and other random thoughts)

  1. OMG, I’m feeling much the same way actually. Over the last couple weeks I’ve sprouted the worst blisters. They hurt and they’re disgusting! I hate it!

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