Long time, no post!

It has been an embarrassingly long time since my last post, but not because I have nothing to say or because I haven’t been running. Since it would take far too long to cover everything that I’ve been up to, I’ll just cover the highlights.

I quit my previous job and have been working for myself on a couple of contracts for the past month or so. Working from home is awesome in a lot of ways, mostly because the Hubble works from home as well, but it has been tough to adjust to in a bunch of other ways. Not having a 9-10 hour chunk of time where I’m at an office means I can work in my pajamas for most of the morning, go for a run whenever I feel like it, etc. It also means that I can get distracted by other things around the house, though, and that the work-life separation line is a lot more fluid. I was also told that contracting is a lot of “feast or famine”, and I’m noticing it more and more as the holidays approach- if things are slow at a company, contractors don’t get any work! I’m hoping that it picks up a bit soon, but in the meantime I’ve been distracting myself with cooking a lot and being as “domestic” as possible.

I’ve still been running and training. Yesterday I ran the California International Marathon in Sacramento, which I will do a recap post for a bit later, and so since I last posted I recovered from my last race, did a few long runs, and had a quick taper. Unfortunately the marathon did not go at all as I had hoped, with a finish time of 4:26:30, and I felt so awful at the end that I updated my Facebook status to say “I never want to run again”. Luckily today I’m feeling slightly less cranky about the whole thing, and now am trying to figure out what exactly went wrong because I have another marathon to run on January 16, and I’m determined to do better!

Besides running and working, the Hubble and I have been traveling quite a bit together. Most of it has been for his work, and since I can take my work with me anywhere, I’ve been tagging along. It’s kind of fun staying in hotels all the time, but I’m mostly just thankful that we get to spend time together, since I would have barely seen the Hubble in November if I had to stay in San Jose. The two of us also spent Thanksgiving in a tiny town called Etna in northern CA with my brother, his sister, and our respective parents. We are really lucky to have families that get along really well, because it allows us to see each of our families for a longer time when we are all together. Last year for Thanksgiving, we saw each of our families at their homes in OR, and I think we spent about 60% of our 4 day weekend driving!

I will be posting in the next couple of days with my CIM recap- I’m hoping to have photos to include!




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