Happy Belated Anniversary!

Last year, on November 17, I tricked my very best friend into marrying me. I still don’t know how exactly I got him to commit the rest of his life to me, but I couldn’t be happier. Happy Anniversary Hubble!

Awhile back, I thought that our first wedding anniversary would be the perfect occasion to write a little post about us and our relationship! After all, it was our first anniversary of any sort that we celebrated together. Neither of us know when the two of us became an “us”, and neither of us even remember what day he proposed, so it was pretty special that we remembered the day we got hitched :-p.

The Early Days

I met Matt in early 2007, when we were in our second to last year of college. Somehow, despite the fact that the two of us were in a relatively small class of chemical engineering students, we had not yet crossed paths. Both of us signed up to do an environmental design competition, and we ended up choosing the same project to work on. The were four of us total working on the project, and since two of the guys were good friends already, Matt and I ended up working together a lot when we would split tasks. Over the course of a few months, we prepared our project, and then took it to a competition in New Mexico. In the end, we got 2nd place in our division and had a lot of fun.

Me, second from right; Hubble, second from left. Bow ties are hot.

More importantly, though, I finally realized that I had a major thing for the Hubble. It may have been when he took care of me after I fell off of a wall during a hike (yeah, still embarrassed about that one, and still have some scars to prove it happened), or when we were just sitting around talking while watching our bioreactor run, but at some point on that trip it really clicked for me. The Hubble, who has always been a little more perceptive than me, was already well aware of my feelings by the time I figured it out. Unfortunately, due to extenuating circumstances involving neither of us technically being available, a relationship wasn’t really an option.

Still, as an insanely stubborn Wifle, I couldn’t just ignore my feelings. I told Matt that I loved him that spring, out of the blue, over a year before we were even a couple; he didn’t believe that was possible so soon and (rightfully) thought I was a bit insane. In the end, the two of us cut off contact for almost a year, avoiding each other in classes and around campus despite any lingering feelings.

As hard as I tried to ignore them, my feelings for the Hubble were still present and strong. Deep down, I knew that there was something really special between us, and that I couldn’t just let that pass us by. To make a long, complicated, and sometimes ugly story short, the two of us reconnected in the spring of 2008. It involved both of us becoming single, me showing up on his doorstep unannounced after drinking, me drunkenly texting “I love you” to him (see a theme?), and some other messy drama. Basically, it was far from a storybook fairytale, and in hindsight I appear to have been a little bit scary.

Finally Dating

By the time the Hubble and I were thinking about trying to make a relationship work, it was graduation time. We were planning on being in different states for grad school, and so the possibility of being together seemed unlikely. In the end, though, I moved to Washington for the summer before I started grad school, and a month or so later the Hubble got a job literally right next door to where I was an intern. At this point, I was only going to be there for a couple more months, and we figured this was the “do or die” stage in the relationship; we needed to know if it was worth trying to make it work long distance. The best way to test this out, we decided, was to have the Hubble move into my apartment with me (don’t tell our parents, they would be absolutely appalled by this!).

Happy Birthday Matt!

That summer, our relationship flourished. We spent our weekdays working and having lunch together and our weekends adventuring around the Pacific Northwest. Despite sharing a tiny bedroom in a tiny apartment shared with another couple (something I will never, ever do again), I was the happiest I had been in a long time.

At Lake Wenatchee

Unfortunately, the summer came to an end and I moved to Davis, CA. Matt came to visit as often as he could, and we had fun exploring California, but it was really tough being apart after being inseparable all summer. I met my future in-laws for the first time that Thanksgiving, and immediately felt like I was part of the family. At this point I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with the Hubble ❤

Fisherman’s Wharf, December 2008

That one time Matt drove me home and got stuck in a snowstorm...

New Year’s 2009

❤ Day 2009

Valentine’s Day 2009 was the last trip I made up to see Matt, who at that point was back in Southern OR. Shortly after that, Matt got a job in the Bay Area and moved less than an hour away from me- it was awesome being able to see him every weekend, but I still missed sharing a home with him!

Jelly Belly Factory Tour!


Our first and only marathon together

At the end of my first year of grad school, I came to the realization that I was not where I wanted to be in life, and decided to leave and find a job. I got a job pretty soon, and the Hubble and I moved to San Jose together in July 2009. We very quickly began to feel like a family, and adopted a cat, Beans, in August.

Beans, right after we brought him home.
BFFs Zoey and Beans


The Next Step

At this point, the two of us had been seriously talking about marriage for awhile, and we decided to elope. Since our relationship had progressed pretty quickly, we then decided to at least get engaged first so that our families wouldn’t freak out as much. We picked out a ring together, and then in early September Matt proposed. At this point I’m pretty sure we had already booked our elopement and I had already bought my dress, but it was still an awesome moment nonetheless.


One of my favorite engagement photos

The Wedding

Eloping didn’t end up working out, since my mom picked up on the fact that I was lying to her pretty quickly. A couple of short months later, the Hubble and I, along with our parents and his sister, were all in Cancun for the wedding.

Toasting our marriage!

We ended up being so thankful that we had our families there for the wedding. We initially planned on eloping because neither of us is comfortable with being the center of attention, but having our families’ support was amazing, and we were still able to have a small, intimate ceremony. Whenever I think about our wedding, I feel full of love and gratitude- I couldn’t ask for a better husband or better families to be a part of!

One of the best days of my life

I wish I could have bottled that feeling…


Our First Married Year

Our first year of marriage was awesome. We had both heard that the first year is the hardest, but given how much fun we had, we find that hard to believe! Despite how quickly the year seemed to pass, a lot happened in that time:

We added another member to our family

We spent our first married Christmas together

We ran a Valentine's Day race together

We adopted yet another fur-butt, Gibbs

We adventured at the beach


We celebrated my best friend's wedding

We decided to move to Reno to be closer to this

We also moved, decided that it was best for me to quit my full time job to pursue consulting, and fell even more in love!

Our First Anniversary

I was really excited when our first anniversary rolled around because I wanted to celebrate! The Hubble and I spent a weekend in Calistoga at a spa, where we enjoyed mud baths, massages, and a lot of delicious food. We decided to start a tradition of wearing at least part of our wedding outfits on our anniversaries, and did so to dinner our first night at the spa.

The Hubble decked out in his wedding shirt.
In my winter-fied wedding outfit. It’s normal to wear a little white dress in November, right?
After our delicious anniversary dinner! Ignore the greasy face.

We had an amazing, relaxing weekend that was perfect for celebrating our anniversary together. The rest of the spa’s clientele had probably 10 or more years on us, but it was kind of nice being the youngsters celebrating their first year of marriage!

The Future

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our little family! We’re excited for moving to Reno, spending lots of time with family, and seeing where our lives take us!

Thanksgiving 2010

(P.S. I updated my About and Running pages as well!)


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