2011 Recap [Oh yeah, I have a blog!]

Let’s just pretend like it hasn’t been 15 months since I posted, okay?

I’ve been pretty busy the past year+, doing lots of exciting things like:

  1. Working for myself for a year, then accepting a job as a field engineer for a water treatment company
  2. Moving to Sacramento
  3. Spending lots of time with my husband and animals
  4. Running A LOT!

Since this thing is called “Running Wifle” I feel pretty terrible that I  haven’t been documenting all of the running that I’ve been doing. Going back to read my race recaps is kind of cool, because all the races start to blend together after awhile.

2011 was a pretty good running year for me. I ran:

– 2,052 miles, which is an average of 39.5 miles per week or 5.6 miles per day

– 11 races:

  1. Redding Marathon, Redding CA, 1/16/11,  4:18:17 (9:51 pace) [~2.5 min PR]
  2. Oakland Half Marathon, Oakland CA, 3/27/11, 1:50:00 (8:23 pace) [6+ minute PR]
  3. Pear Blossom 10 Mile, Medford OR, 4/9/11, 1:19:50 (7:59 pace) [1st/PR]
  4. See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon, Alameda CA, 6/5/11, 1:48:14 (8:15 pace) [~1.5 min PR]
  5. Foot Traffic Flat 4th of July Marathon, Sauvie Island OR, 7/4/11, 3:59:48 (9:09 pace) [18 min PR!!]
  6. Cinderella Trail Half Marathon, Oakland CA, 8/20/11, 2:17:51 (10:31 pace) [Trail 1/2 PR]
  7. Eugene Women’s Half Marathon, Eugene OR, 9/4/11, 1:43:51 (7:55 pace) [6 min PR. While wearing a tutu.]
  8. Race for the Cure 5k, Portland OR, 9/18/11, 28:07 (9:02 pace) [1st/PR]
  9. Morgan Hill Marathon, Morgan Hill CA, 10/23/11, 4:17:23 (9:49 pace)
  10. Zombie Runner Halloween Marathon, Palo Alto CA, 10/30/11, 4:12:53 (9:39 pace)
  11. Zombie Runner Bay Trail Marathon, Palo Alto Ca, 12/18/11, 3:55:40 [4 min PR]

Basically, I managed to scrape about 12 minutes off of my half marathon PR and 25 minutes off my marathon PR, though I stagnated with my marathon times. After the 4th of July race, I essentially stayed in “marathon shape” for the rest of the year, but saw very little improvement for how much I was running. Because of that, I decided to try and run differently in 2012!



5 thoughts on “2011 Recap [Oh yeah, I have a blog!]

  1. Wow, 2011 sure was an awesome running year for you – beating both of your PRs is unbelievable! Congratulations on your new job. Moving is HARD, but I hope you are enjoying it in Sacramento. How are you going to change your running in 2012? I can’t wait to start running again!

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