Laser Eyes

My husband is having Lasik done today. Whenever I think about it, I get kind of freaked out, and then my mind immediately thinks of this and I immediately feel better:


 Yeah, I’m weird, and the jury’s still out on whether I’ll end up a cat lady. Speaking of cat ladies, yesterday I went to the trail to run and parked behind a big SUV that had some of those family stickers on the back window, kind of like this:


…except it was a lady, 4 cats, and 7 dogs. The absolute best part was that she was with her (I assume) husband and daughter. We all know who the favorite children are! I want to be her when I grow up.



This week has been pretty standard in terms of running.

Monday I did an easy early-morning 4 mile recovery @ 8:57 pace around my neighborhood with Gibbs.

Tuesday was speed work with the running club. We did a new-to-me workout of 4 x 1 mile repeats with varying speeds: 400m @ 5k pace, 400m @ marathon pace, 400m @ 5k pace, 400m @ marathon pace. It was pouring rain (I had to wring out my shirt at the end) and my legs were tired, but I got it done. A total of 7.25 miles in just under an hour.

  • Set 1: 1:40 (6:43 pace), 1:55 (7:42 pace), 3:41 (overall 7:25 pace, forgot to hit lap between the last 2) 
  • Set 2: 1:43 (6:47), 1:55 (7:53), 1:44 (6:54). 1:59 (8:00) 
  • Set 3: 1:43 (6:49), 1:52 (7:38), 2:10 (7:04, was 0.31 mi not 0.25), 1:31 (7:57, was 0.19 mi not 0.25) 
  • Set 4: 1:44 (6:55), 1:49 (7:23), 1:37 (6:17), 1:50 (7:26)

Wednesday I ran 6 easy along the trail @ 8:35 pace.

Yesterday was another speed work session, this time solo. A total of 8.75 miles in 1:11:11. 

  • 2 x 1 mile @ 10 k pace w/ 3 min job between. Goal: 7:05; Actual: 7:04, 7:00
  • 5 minute jog 
  • 1 x 2 mile @ goal marathon pace. Goal: 8:00 (16:00 total). Actual: 7:46, 7:32 (15:18 total)

 Today, I’m taking a total rest day since I’m racing the SacTown 10 on Sunday. I don’t really know what my specific goals are for this race… at last week’s half I crossed the 10 mile mark at just over 1:15, so I mostly just want to finish faster than that. A decent group of people from my running club are doing this race, though, so it should be fun!


I’m thisclose to biting the bullet and registering for the Santa Rosa Marathon on August 26th. Prices increase tomorrow so I should probably just go ahead and do it, right?? Help me decide!


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