SacTown 10 Mile Race

Last weekend I ran the SacTown 10 Mile Run put on by the Sacramento Running Association (SRA).

The weather on Saturday was pretty bad all day, but luckily it had cleared up by Sunday. A couple of guys from the running club picked me up just before 7 AM for the 8 AM start time. Getting downtown was easy, and we found parking pretty close to the start. After getting all situated and doing the bag check, we took off for an easy 1 mile warmup.

At that point, I wasn’t entirely sure how I was planning to try and pace the race. I was a tiny bit frustrated that I hadn’t given everything I had at the previous week’s half marathon, so when it was suggested to me that I try and pace with a runner aiming for 68-69 minutes, I decided to give it a try. A 70 minute race is a 7 minute pace, so I wasn’t confident that I’d keep up, but I figured I’d rather slow down in the second half than finish with another “what if” nagging me.

The race started right on time, and the guy I was pacing with immediately shot through a bunch of people. Luckily the field thinned out pretty quickly, and I fell into a pretty good rhythm.

Mile 1 – 6:52

Mile 2 – 7:01

Mile 3 – 6:59

Mile 4 – 6:56

Mile 5 – 7:02

Mile 6 – 7:02

Before I stopped feeling great.

Mile 7 (7:11)  is where I started to lose some steam. I lost my pacer, and felt like I was running much faster than I actually was, which is never a good sign. . After Mile 8 (7:27), I realized that I definitely wasn’t going to make sub-70, but that I still had a chance for sub-71. Mile 9 was 7:16, and then I scrambled the last mile (6:46) to squeeze in under 71 minutes.

Overall Time: 1:10:58

Pace: 7:06

After the race I met up with my pacer, who met his goal time of 69 minutes, and we did a 3 mile or so cooldown. At first I was disappointed that I didn’t make it in under 70 minutes, but I gave myself a reality check. Up until I actually started the race, I was thinking of aiming for 73 or 74 minutes, and I did much better than that. Also, last spring I ran a 10 mile race in Oregon in 1:19:50 (7:59 pace), so I beat my PR by nearly 9 minutes. Sub-70 will definitely come with time… I already have my eye on a 10 miler in October!


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