Reality Check

I had a bad run last night. The planned run for the day was a 3 mile tempo at somewhere between my 10k and my half marathon pace. I used the handy McMillan running calculator (because I’m obsessed) that told me I should, based on my recent 10 mile race pace (7:06/mi), aim for a 6:48 – 7:12 pace. Despite taking 2 weeks off speed work, being sick, and still struggling to breathe deeply due to allergies, I told myself that my tempo pace had to be sub-7.


As it turns out, I managed a frustrating average 7:09 pace and also managed to do something to my hip/butt area that felt like I was being stabbed with every step. I was pushing myself probably a bit too hard for a tempo run, which is likely what caused the hip pain, and now I feel kind of stupid.

What makes me feel even dumber is looking back at the last 3 tempo runs that I did. In late January I did 4 miles at 7:38 but needed to stop and catch my breath a couple of times. In February I did the same workout but ran the 4 miles straight at 7:36. Right before my half in late March, my 3 mile tempo pace was still in the 7:30s.¬†Basically, using those runs as a baseline, I killed yesterday’s tempo.

I think maybe I need to step away from Mr. McMillan. After all, he’s the guy taunting me with the idea that I am capable of running a 5:53 mile and a 3:18 marathon. Those may be excellent “reach” goals sometime in the future, but I need to be careful not to get sucked into training too hard and seriously injuring myself.

I’m going out for a short easy run later on today- let’s hope everything feels normal!


One thought on “Reality Check

  1. I’d like to give you a reality check too…those are all KILLER times. Let me put this in perspective for you. I went for my long run of 5 miles on Wednesday, walked often on the uphills and felt good about my average pace of 12:07. Don’t stress yourself out! You’re doing great!

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