The Story of a Minor Injury

Remember last time, when I said I was worried about pushing myself too hard and getting hurt?

Um, yeah. I guess it’s a little late for that.

Friday I went out and ran 5 easy miles, and my hip felt a little tight but not too bad, so I decided Saturday’s long run would be a go. So Saturday morning, I met up with a group of people (most of which are all significantly faster than me) to run around Lake Natoma. I really struggled on this run. We started off a lot faster than I’m used to (think sub-marathon goal pace), and so I lost the group by mile 3. I eventually met up with another runner having as crappy a day as I was, and we finished out 12 miles together. My goal was to do 15, so I headed out to do a few more miles myself. I’m not sure what happened, maybe a combination of overcompensating for my hip, the hills, and past-their-expiration insoles, but my legs were BEAT. I gave up on my goal of 15 and finished 13.5 total.

As Saturday progressed, I realized that my right knee was hurting a lot more than it should have. You know that aching you get under your kneecaps when you run like 20 miles or a lot of downhill? It was kind of like that, except worse. 

Being the “smart” runner that I am, I decided to still go out for a 7 miler on Sunday but to take it easy. Even at the easy pace, my knee was hurting. Afterwards, it hurt worse. A friend pointed out that hip + knee pain is often a biomechanical issue, and since I had been needing to replace my insoles for probably 2 months, I went ahead and bought some and hoped that would magically fix everything.

Monday was filled with not running (it was a planned rest day anyway) and taking a lot of anti-inflammatories. Yesterday I decided to go to Tuesday night workout, with the idea that if anything hurt I’d stop running.

I made it halfway through the warm-up before my knee started hurting. I didn’t want to admit to anyone (or myself, even) that I was in pain, so I kept going. We did 500m repeats, and as badly as I wanted to run hard, it hurt too much. So I stuck to the back of the pack and got more and more irate with each set, since I was basically jogging the whole damn time and it still hurt. Our final interval was a 1 miler, and I had to drop out halfway through it. I honestly don’t remember the last time I was that upset. Not running is one thing, but not running at a group workout is 100x worse. 

Last night I iced, and I woke up this morning able to walk without any pain. I excitedly downed a cup of coffee, grabbed the dog, and went out to run.

0.38 miles later, I had to stop to walk. Since it was 5 AM and I was fully caffeinated, I forced myself to keep up a jog/walk for another mile or so. Then, I went home, lifted some weights (this means serious desperation, since I HATE strength training), and tested the waters with my bike. Luckily, I don’t have any pain on the bike, so I’m planning on a nice long ride after work today.

I am terrible at being “injured”.

I hate rest days and wish I never had to take any.

I don’t appreciate the extra time that skipping a run gives me.

I worry about how low my weekly mileage is going to be and how hard it will be to build it back up if I have to take a lot of time off.

I get anxious about eating as much as I do without running at all, but I want to drown my sorrows in cookies.

Basically, I get completely irrational. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with me from now until I’m back to normal.


5 thoughts on “The Story of a Minor Injury

  1. Oh my gosh your final conclusions about yourself at the end of this post sound just like me! I hate rest days, hate having free time on rest days, get mad when I don’t reach my weekly mileage goals, over think my food WAY too much on days when I don’t work out, and am in the WORST mood when I don’t run. My mom always gets the brunt of my bad moods and irrational thoughts…it’s amazing how not exercising can completely change my outlook on life. Sorry you deal with it, too but I am glad to know that I’ m not the only one who seems to need endorphins for happiness. It’s definitely something I’m working on improving.

    • Yeah, my Dad always jokes that I’m addicted to endorphins, but it’s probably the truth. It may not be the best/healthiest thing in the world, but at this point in my life I think it’s better than any other “coping” mechanism I can come up with…

  2. Just a quick reminder that you’re still an accomplished, fit and beautiful athlete even if you replace your mileage with cookies for a few days, weeks, months or even years.

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