Fast Tuesday, Slow Wednesday

Fast Tuesday

I look forward to Tuesday pretty much every week since it’s the weekly speed workout with the run club. Lots of the running blogs I read have fun alliterative names like Track Tuesday, etc., but unfortunately our workouts aren’t on a track. We actually meet in a business park area that’s home to some radio stations and a CrossFit box, and run around a mile-ish loop that has spray-painted markings for various distances. It’s not as fancy as doing a true track workout, but it works. Plus, mile repeats on a track = most boring workout ever.

Anyway, this past Tuesday was no exception. I had run a couple of miles before work in order to get the pup some exercise, and that combined with 22+ miles over the weekend left me with not-so-fresh legs. After our warm-up, the jumped right into our workout for the evening: 6 x 20 sec strides, 6 x 800m @ 5k pace w/ 90 sec rest.

I have to say that I hate strides. They’re just… uncomfortable, though as I learned this past week, that’s kind of the point. They apparently help you transition from easy to hard running. Plus, all the fast people do them so there’s got to be something to it.

My 5k pace should be around 6:34/mi according to Mr. McMillan. I’m actually running a 5k in a couple of weeks, so I was hoping I could run my 800s at about 3:15.

My first 800m clocked in right at 3:15, but it was hard. The 90 second rest period felt like about 30.

The second 800m came in a tiny bit fast (3:13) and I was pretty sure I was going to “bonk” before the 6th repeat. The third repeat was 3:17. All I could think was “so this is what coach means when she says bonk“. The fourth and fifth repeats were 3:16 and 3:17. Barely hanging on to that pace, and the 90 second recovery had slipped close to 2 minutes. My last 800m was done in 3:16.

Holy crap, that was a rough workout. It was hot, I was tired and hadn’t eaten much that day, etc- but I finished it. I’m proud that even though I felt like giving up, I was able to maintain a pretty good grouping of times. I have a tendency to start too slow/conservative and then blast through the last couple- aiming for the same pace every time was a LOT more challenging!

Slow Wednesday

The plan for Wednesdays is always the same: 50-60 min easy. That translates to 6 miles for me, since I have a rough time ending runs based on time instead of distance.

Yesterday was the epitome of slow. I woke up tired, was dragging through the day, etc. Lately, when I just go out to run easy, I’ve been running 8:30-8:45/mi. Yesterday, however, my 6 miles came in at a 9:09 pace (excluding a few untimed walk breaks), and it didn’t feel easy. It felt like I was running on empty (probably because I was).

ProTip: If you want to run well, you need to eat well.

I ate dinner x2 last night, and woke up before my alarm and full of energy. Let’s hope that this translates to a badass progression run tonight!


One thought on “Fast Tuesday, Slow Wednesday

  1. Nice job hitting your 800 repeats! That sound so hard! I’m also going to keep reminding you of how fast you are… I don’t think I could even run a 5K at your especially slow easy run pace.

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