I’ve got lots to write about in terms of running, like my back-to-back long runs this past weekend and my upcoming races, but I’ve been distracted by TERRIBLE ITCHING.

Basically, I have an awesome rash coupled with petechiae (tiny broken blood vessels resulting in thousands of pinprick-sized red spots) all over my body. I initially thought it was heat rash since I first noticed it after a long, hot run, but apparently it’s a systemic thing, probably viral.

The good news: I’ll survive (which I was worried about after the Dr. ordered blood tests… seriously need to stop consulting WebMD). Also, the virus seems to be ravaging my skin only, so I feel relatively good otherwise.

The bad news: I itch and there’s nothing I can do about it except wait.

The really bad news: it’s still spreading… to my face… and I can’t become a hermit until it goes away.

Running makes it temporarily worse, but I get itchy with a “B” if I don’t run, so it’s a fair trade-off. Plus my clothes moving across my skin when I run is a guilt-free way to get some scratching in. See? Still a post kind of about running! 



2 thoughts on “(B)itchiness

  1. Sorry to hear about your itchies. Hang in there, it will get better. And I hear you about getting crabby when you don’t run. I am so ready to start running again!!

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