Weekly Recaps, 5/20/12 + 5/27/12

The main reason I started blogging again is to document my training so that I could go back and look at it later… But every time I sit down to write something it ends up being really wordy so I put it off. Better late than never though, right?

Week of 5/20:

Monday, 5/14- Rest

Tuesday, 5/15- 8.5 miles

Wednesday, 5/16- 6 miles

Thursday, 5/17- 8.5 miles

Friday, 5/18- Rest

Saturday, 5/19- 14.84 mile Long Run, 8:39 pace. Did the first 5 miles solo, then did the rest with run club group. They did a tempo run, but my IT band was tight so I took it easy.

Sunday, 5/20- 14.2 mile Hills, 8:59 pace. This was not supposed to be 14 miles… I originally planned to do 8-10 miles of hills with the group but I had carpooled so I stuck it out. It was really hot and the hills were tough! I was pretty excited to realize I had run 29 miles in 2 days!

Weekly Total: 52 miles

Week of 5/27:

Monday, 5/21- Rest

Tuesday, 5/22- 9 miles total: 2.6 AM with Gibbs, 6.4 PM speed workout.

The speed workout was 3 x (4 x 400m), with 30-40 sec rest between repeats and 400 m recovery between each of the 3 sets. First set was supposed to be 10k pace (1:40-1:42), last 2 sets 5k pace (1:37-1:38).

Set 1: 1:37 (27 sec rest), 1:37 (24 sec rest), 1:36 (24 sec rest), 1:37 (400m recovery)
Set 2: 1:37 (35 sec), 1:32 (39 sec), 1:35 (47 sec), 1:32 (400m)
Set 3: 1:34 (38 sec), 1:36 (44 sec), 1:38 (71 sec… oops), 1:30

My average pace for all 12 repeats was 1:35 (6:20 pace). I went out too fast, which I blame on being optimistic and running with a faster group of people. Being the slow one in the group means less recovery time too!

Wednesday, 5/23- 6 miles, 8:34 pace. Worst itching of my LIFE. Also the day I spent a good chunk of time in Urgent Care, so I was happy I felt well enough to run period.

Thursday, 5/24- 8 miles, 8:04 pace. This was meant to be a 4 mi tempo at 6:50-7:05 pace, but I wasn’t feeling well and my legs were dead, so the run went to hell. Still managed a decent overall pace.

Friday, 5/25- 15 miles, 8:22 pace. I had this day off work, and knew I was racing over the weekend, so I did my long run early to get it in. This run was really tough, both mentally and physically. Running alone is  hard when you’ve gotten used to having friends with you. My knees were also killing me from the start- I imagine having glass shards in your joints would produce a similar sensation.

Saturday, 5/26- Rest. Back at Urgent Care since my rash had spread, all my joints were aching, and my feet were swollen. The doctor said I didn’t have anything life-threatening (seriously, weirdest “virus” ever) but also said no running until my joints stopped hurting. I didn’t tell her I was racing on Monday, but I could tell she knew I wasn’t going to take her advice.

Sunday, 5/27- 1 mile. Planned to do a shakeout run prior to Monday’s Memorial Day race, but the glass-in-the-joint thing happened again so I stopped. The fact that I had to significantly loosen my laces just to fit my feet in my shoes probably should have clued me in…

Weekly Total: 39 miles

Next up is my recap of the Wounded Veteran Run 10k that I did yesterday. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about my performance!


One thought on “Weekly Recaps, 5/20/12 + 5/27/12

  1. Only an engineer tracks their mileage to two decimal places. Yep, I’m right there with you. Hope you’re feeling itch and glass (ouch) free!

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