Santa Rosa Marathon Training Week 1 of 12

Last week I began my “official” training for the Santa Rosa Marathon. I say “official” because I’ve spent the last couple of months working on speed, racing, and building up a good base, all of which play into my marathon preparations. The last 6 weeks of training included an average 43 miles per week, for 14-15 mile long runs, and 10k and 5k races.

The only thing I’d been holding back on was increasing my long run distance, which is obviously a major part of marathon training. With the exception of increasingly longer LRs, my overall training schedule is staying about the same. Generally speaking:

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – whatever speed work the club is doing

Wednesday – easy 6 or so

Thursday – alternating tempo and progression runs

Friday – easy 5 or rest

Saturday – long run

Sunday – middle distance run, either done at marathon pace or recovery pace

Here’s what last week’s plan looked like:

Rest Chips Speed Work 6 easy Speed Work- 50 min progression 5 easy or rest 18 LR 8 MP

And what actually happened:

Monday, 6/4: 2 miles easy in the AM with Gibbs.

Tuesday, 6/5: Speed work, 6.9 miles total @ 8:07 pace.

Workout was 5 x 1000m @ goal 10k pace (400m recovery). My goal 10k pace is 6:45, so that’s what I aimed for. Splits for repeats:

4:15.4 (6:45 pace)

4:10.5 (6:43)

4:05.5 (6:38)

4:06.6 (6:37)

3:58.4 (6:24)

Wednesday, 6/6: 6.2 miles @ 8:49. Done in AM, which is rough after a tough evening workout.

Thursday, 6/7: 7.5 miles @ 8:06 average pace. 50 minute progression run with 1.2 mi cool down. Splits:

7:40 (0.34 mi)

Friday, 6/8: 5 miles @ 8:24.

Saturday. 6/9: 18 miles @ 8:14. I was pretty scared about tackling this distance but I felt really good! I had a bit of a low point around mile 13-14, but got a second wind. Running with a group helps SO MUCH. We ran the 2nd half faster than the first, and the last 3 miles were sub- 8 average!

Sunday, 6/10: 10.1 miles @ 8:51. I was supposed to do 8 miles at marathon pace but my body was not so happy about that. The recovery run felt pretty good though.

Weekly Total: 55.7 miles.

Overall, I feel like the first week of training went pretty well. Saturday’s long run was a huge confidence booster, as I felt strong while maintaining a pretty good pace. My goal marathon time is 3:25-3:30, which translates to 7:50-8:00 pace, so I feel that completing my first long run at 8:14 is a pretty good sign!

The bad part about my first week of training was that I was SO tired. I mean, I expected to be tired… but for week 1 of 12, it was pretty bad. At one point on Sunday I told the husband that I was thinking about quitting, but after a rest day yesterday I’m excited to tackle week 2!


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