SRM Week 2 of 12

This post could alternatively be titled “SRM: the week I questioned my sanity”.

After my first week of training, I was tired. More tired than I remember ever being during peak mileage weeks in past training cycles. Luckily, I planned rest days every Monday throughout the plan. By Tuesday I was feeling ready to tackle this beast:

Unfortunately that enthusiasm didn’t last long…

Monday, 6/11: Wonderful rest day.

Tuesday, 6/12: 2.1 miles AM, 5.1 miles of speedwork @ 7:48 pace PM.

The speed workout we did was the toughest I’ve done with the club! I’m pretty sure it had something to do with the 95F temperature…

The workout was: 5 x 100m (“fast”), 2 mi tempo (5k pace + 20 sec, so 7:00), 5 x 100m (“fast”).

  • 1st set of 100m repeats: 5:57, untimed, 5:20, 5:13, 4:47 (paces, not actual times)
  • 2 mile tempo: 13:55 (splits: 7:00, 6:55)
  • Second set of 100m repeats: 5:25, 5:00, 4:56, 4:33, 5:15 (oops, I crashed)

Lesson from the day: running in the heat absolutely sucks. After the 2 mile tempo, I felt like I was going to pass out. Another lesson from the day: running all out will kill your quads. Ouch.

Wednesday, 6/13: 6 miles easy @ 8:43. Felt tired, but I guess that’s expected at 5 AM.

Thursday, 6/14: Tempo run, 7.4 miles total @ average 8:05.

The plan was 7-8 miles total with 3 miles @ tempo (7-7:15 pace). My tempo splits were 7:35, 7:28, and 7:15. I was disappointed, but my legs would not go any faster (my quads were still feeling those 100m repeats!). I also woke up that morning feeling a little sick and a lot tired.

Friday, 6/15: 1.4 miles. I was supposed to run 5 but I felt like crap and went home and crawled back in bed. Sweaty. You’re welcome husband.

Saturday, 6/16: 14.9 miles @ 8:19 pace. This was supposed to be a 19 mile run. I knew it was going to be hot so I considered starting earlier than the rest of the running group, but I was tired and unmotivated so I didn’t.  Bad choice!

We started at 7:30 and it was already warm, so when people turned around at 7.5 miles I bailed on my original plan and turned around as well. We stopped at every single water fountain and took it really easy the last few miles, but the heat was still awful. By the time we got back to our cars it was 95F out!

Sunday, 6/17: “Recovery” 9.7 miles @ 9:10 pace. On Saturday I vowed to get up early the next day to get my run in, but I was lazy once again. The run was slow and hot as expected. I told people I was dropping out of marathon training (and I wasn’t joking).

Weekly Total: 46.6 miles.

After last week, I am seriously reconsidering running Santa Rosa. I realize that my mileage and paces all look good for where I am in training, but my head hasn’t really been in it as much as it should.

The best way to describe how I’ve been feeling is “drained”. I’m used to feeling physically drained from running, but lately I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted as well, which is making it harder to function all around. For the most part, running is a great coping mechanism for me, but lately it’s feeling like an obligation and I’m worried that it may be making things worse rather than better. The fact that I still have 9.5 weeks of intense training is really daunting when all I really want to do is nap all day!

I’m hoping that this little “funk” of mine sorts itself out soon (and that it’s a “funk” rather than something more serious). If it doesn’t though, I’ve given myself permission to quit training because I’m starting to realize there are a LOT more important things than running a damn marathon (you know, like my health, my family, my career…). I’m really hopeful that I’ll snap out of it soon though!


One thought on “SRM Week 2 of 12

  1. First of all congrats on getting through the first couple weeks. Don’t underestimate the heat! Why not slow down your target paces when it’s so hot? That’s not cheating. I promise.

    I’d also say why not settle for a slightly less intense training plan, but I have a feeling you won’t want to do that.

    I had a pretty rough week too. Of course my week looks like cake compared to yours, but my body wasn’t up for it and I ended up missing a couple miles. I’ve told myself that maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, but I can’t bring myself to write an easier plan.

    So good luck to both of us! You’re doing great!

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