Injured, again.

I don’t think I’m cut out to be a blogger… I’m terrible about consistently posting!

Anyway, part of my silence is due to injury. Yes, I hurt myself again. And yes, it’s an IT band issue. But at least it’s the opposite leg this time?

I got in a really strong 21 mile run 3 weekends ago, and then a few days later during speedwork some really nasty lateral knee pain popped up. I took it easy for a few days, and felt well enough to run long again the next weekend. I managed about 20 miles with 9 miles @ sub-marathon pace (7:50) and had ZERO pain. I even ran 7 easy the following day with no pain. Then, after a rest day, the pain came back stronger than ever. This time, a couple of easy days didn’t fix anything, so I basically rested for 5 days straight and skipped my planned 22 miler. I had a few minor meltdowns, which were exacerbated by the fact that I was on a family vacation and seriously needed the de-stressing that running gives me.

Last week was a lot of spinning, elliptical, and weight lifting. I was registered for the Davis Moo-nlight Half on Saturday night, so I was hopeful that by not running during the week I could still do the race. Friday I did 3 miles easy with no pain and just a little stiffness, so I decided to give the race a try.

Long story short, everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. My ITBS issues weren’t even the most concerning. I wasn’t really mentally or physically prepared for a 7 PM race- I didn’t know when/what to eat the day of, I’m usually a morning runner, it was hot when it started, etc. My first 4 miles were with a 1:35 pacer, but I finished in 2:07:XX… do the math on how not-strong I finished. After the race I started feeling a LOT worse, surprisingly. I couldn’t stomach any food or water, the world was spinning,  I had flu-like chills, and I couldn’t sleep more than about an hour at a time since I had to keep getting up. I have no idea if running could even cause that or if it was food poisoning or something else entirely, but it was pretty awful… I don’t know that I’ve ever been so dehydrated in my life!

After that race experience I’m a little scared to continue “training” for the Santa Rosa Marathon. I saw a physical therapist yesterday who basically massaged/manipulated me for an hour and then gave me the green light on running up to 10 miles at a time for the next 2 weeks. His “massage” left me with quite a bit of pain so I haven’t really tested out my leg, but even if I can run up to 10 miles I’m not confident that it’ll be enough to be ready for the marathon. Maybe if I run 10 miles 5 times a week it would be, but I think that would be considered “bending the rules”.

The race is 5.5 weeks out, so with a traditional 3 week taper, that leaves ONE true long run attempt. I have a few good long runs under my belt for this training cycle, but they’re pretty far removed from the race. Even if my body is okay to run the marathon, I’m really doubting I’d manage anything close to the 8:00 pace I was hoping for. And we all know a large portion of the marathon is mental, so my doubts are NOT helping.

Now I know why I’ve been avoiding blogging- I feel like everything running-related comes out as a complaint!


2 thoughts on “Injured, again.

  1. Oh Mary, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had to go through all this! I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you were that dehydrated. It’s been so ridiculously hot lately and starting a race later in the day certainly couldn’t have helped.

    Here’s my bit of totally unsolicited advice. Be super gentle with your body (as hard as I know that is). Better to heal and come back strong than hurt yourself worse, right? I know, I know. You already know this. We all probably push ourselves just a little too much sometimes.

    If you feel up to it, do the marathon but don’t race it. Walk half of it if you have to. You’ll probably end up running alongside some less experienced runners and you can be their cheerleader! I will never forget the lady who got me to run after mile 17 during the one full marathon I did way back when.

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