Don’t call it a comeback…

I ran 41 miles last week. No, seriously. 

Okay, maybe a comeback?

I’m not going to make blanket statements about how I’m able to run again because to be quite honest, it seems to be a day-to-day sort of thing. Last week just happened to be a “run every day” week. Quick breakdown:

Monday – 4 miles on TM (30 min elliptical).

Tuesday – 6.75 miles of SPEEDWORK (yeah, I ran “fast” and it was awesome… and humbling after a month off serious exertion)

Wednesday – 5 miles on TM

Thursday – 6 miles on TM (planned on longer but OMG I hate running in place)

Friday – 2 super easy miles

Saturday – 10 mile long run… wanted to do more but my IT band said no.

Sunday – 7.25 mile easy run. IT band unhappy after about 6.5 miles.

I’m feeling pretty good about last week. I went into Saturday’s run knowing one of two things would happen:

1. I would run 16+ miles and feel good, and I’d plan on running Santa Rosa


2. I would not make it that far and I would try and sell my Santa Rosa bib.

I didn’t honestly expect to run 2.5 hours pain-free, so when my body told me to stop I went home and immediately emailed someone who was looking to buy a bib. Actually, that’s a lie. I went and had a bagel and coffee, then finally worked up the courage to sell my bib.

I feel very… at peace with my decision. In case the type-A, over-thinking, anxious-about-every-decision-ever facet of my personality doesn’t shine through in my writing, this is a BIG deal for me. Now that I’ve made the decision I don’t feel any big rush to go out and run 20-milers. I may end up running the Santa Rosa half if I can’t get my bib sold since we already paid for lodging and are going regardless, but it probably won’t be an all-out race effort.

I’m hoping to hover around the 35-45 mile range through the fall while I focus on rehabbing myself and running shorter races. It’s plenty of miles to keep a decent base, but not so many that I run out of time/energy to do all the crap I tend to neglect (strengthening and stretching come to mind). I saw my physical therapist last week as well, and he’s cool with me running as long as I stop when it hurts. Unfortunately it looks like he and I are going to become good buddies because it may take awhile for my muscles to re-learn how to function properly!


One thought on “Don’t call it a comeback…

  1. I’m calling it a comeback! 35-45 miles a week is still A LOT of miles in a week! Glad to hear you’re doing the smart thing and taking it…well, I’d say easy, but 35-45 miles a week sounds more like…only kind of crazy hard.

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