Weekly Recaps, 5/20/12 + 5/27/12

The main reason I started blogging again is to document my training so that I could go back and look at it later… But every time I sit down to write something it ends up being really wordy so I put it off. Better late than never though, right? Week of 5/20: Monday, 5/14- Rest … Continue reading


I’ve got lots to write about in terms of running, like my back-to-back long runs this past weekend and my upcoming races, but I’ve been distracted by TERRIBLE ITCHING. Basically, I have an awesome rash coupled with petechiae (tiny broken blood vessels resulting in thousands of pinprick-sized red spots) all over my body. I initially … Continue reading

Injury Update

So, let’s talk knee pain! In addition to my new insoles, I realized it was time for a new pair of shoes. I only had around 300 miles on the old pair, compared to the 400-450 miles I was getting before, so I didn’t really even think that they could need replacing. Apparently running “hard” … Continue reading

Fast Tuesday, Slow Wednesday

Fast Tuesday I look forward to Tuesday pretty much every week since it’s the weekly speed workout with the run club. Lots of the running blogs I read have fun alliterative names like Track Tuesday, etc., but unfortunately our workouts aren’t on a track. We actually meet in a business park area that’s home to … Continue reading

Weekly Recap 5/13/12

After moping around and whining about not running/being slightly injured, and then being forced to get reacquainted with my bike, I didn’t have very high hopes for the rest of the week. I was doing everything I could to speed recovery along, but as someone who gets antsy on her designated rest days, I was … Continue reading

Cycling Doesn’t Totally Suck

I think I may have actually had fun riding my bike yesterday. As much as I hate to admit it, I think biking in 90 degree weather is way more pleasant than running in 90 degree weather. I ended up going out for an hour, which ended up being 14.3 miles. I have no idea … Continue reading

The Story of a Minor Injury

Remember last time, when I said I was worried about pushing myself too hard and getting hurt? Um, yeah. I guess it’s a little late for that. Friday I went out and ran 5 easy miles, and my hip felt a little tight but not too bad, so I decided Saturday’s long run would be … Continue reading

Reality Check

I had a bad run last night. The planned run for the day was a 3 mile tempo at somewhere between my 10k and my half marathon pace. I used the handy McMillan running calculator (because I’m obsessed) that told me I should, based on my recent 10 mile race pace (7:06/mi), aim for a … Continue reading

Running Lately

Between vacation, getting sick post-vacation, and the ridiculous allergies I’ve been having, my running has been a bit less consistent than I’d normally like. While in Japan (4/11-4/21): I ran every day but one (not including travel days when I obviously was on a plane), ranging from 2.5-7.5 miles. I did manage to make it to … Continue reading

Japan 2012

We’ve been back from our Japan trip for over a week, but I’ve been putting off writing a blog post for awhile. The trip was awesome and packed full of sightseeing, so trying to write a “recap” of sorts has felt a little daunting. Since this is a running blog and not a “what I … Continue reading