I was never a runner when I was younger. I loved to play soccer and didn’t mind running as long as it was part of the game or a drill, but straight running seemed like torture to me!

As a high school sophomore, I joined the track team because I wanted to avoid getting out of shape during the off-season of soccer. Well, that and because track was the only sport where they wouldn’t cut you from the team, and I was never all that athletically inclined! I ran with the “long distance” group for the season, doing the 1500m most of the time and the 800m once at the JV level. I got last in every single race except one, even though I improved significantly over the season. After that year, I stopped running for the sake of running until I was in college.

I started training for my first marathon as a challenge from a friend of mine who had run marathons before. Most of my friends thought that I was crazy, that I wouldn’t stick it out, or quite possibly both. After the first hellish week of training where the long run was only 6 miles (but by far the furthest I had run at once), I tended to agree with them. Nonetheless, I have never been one to pass on challenges, and I completed the 18 week training program with the goal of simply finishing the marathon in mind. I completed my first marathon in Newport, OR on May 31, 2008 with a time of 5:31:29 (pace of 12:38/mile). It was slow, and probably the hardest thing I have ever done, but I was in love!

When my husband and I were first together, I convinced him to start running with me. Together we trained for two half marathons and one full marathon over the course of a year. Here are the races we have done together:

  • August 2008 Crater Lake Rim Runs Half Marathon– tough, hilly race at high elevation. We finished in 2:32:33 (11:38 pace)
  • May 2009 Avenue of the Giants Half– beautiful course  in the California Redwoods. We finished in 2:06:41 (9:40 pace)
  • May 2009 Newport Marathon– same marathon I ran in 2008. We finished in 4:52:20 (11:09 pace)
  • February 2010 Together With Love Run 10k- Valentine’s Day race in Pacific Grove, CA. We finished in 55:54 (9:00 pace)

Running has become a full-blown addiction for me. Here are the other races I have completed:

  • March 2010 Oakland Half Marathon. Finished in 2:08:18 (9:47 pace)
  • June 2010 See Jane Run Half Marathon. Finished in 2:10:23 (9:57 pace)
  • September 2010 Eugene Women’s Half Marathon. Finished in 1:56:23 (8:54 pace)
  • October 2010 Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco, CA. Finished in 4:20:43 (9:57 pace)
  • December 2010 California International Marathon in Sacramento, CA. Finished in 4:26:30 (10:10 pace)
  • Redding Marathon, Redding CA, 1/16/11,  4:18:17 (9:51 pace) [~2.5 min PR]
  • Oakland Half Marathon, Oakland CA, 3/27/11, 1:50:00 (8:23 pace) [6+ minute PR]
  • Pear Blossom 10 Mile, Medford OR, 4/9/11, 1:19:50 (7:59 pace) [1st/PR]
  • See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon, Alameda CA, 6/5/11, 1:48:14 (8:15 pace) [~1.5 min PR]
  • Foot Traffic Flat 4th of July Marathon, Sauvie Island OR, 7/4/11,3:59:48 (9:09 pace) [18 min PR!!]
  • Cinderella Trail Half Marathon, Oakland CA, 8/20/11, 2:17:51 (10:31 pace) [Trail 1/2 PR]
  • Eugene Women’s Half Marathon, Eugene OR, 9/4/11, 1:43:51 (7:55 pace) [6 min PR. While wearing a tutu.]
  • Race for the Cure 5k, Portland OR, 9/18/11, 28:07 (9:02 pace) [1st/PR]
  • Morgan Hill Marathon, Morgan Hill CA, 10/23/11, 4:17:23 (9:49 pace)
  • Zombie Runner Halloween Marathon, Palo Alto CA, 10/30/11, 4:12:53(9:39 pace)
  • Zombie Runner Bay Trail Marathon, Palo Alto Ca, 12/18/11, 3:55:40 [4 min PR]


2 thoughts on “Running

  1. Hi Mary! I found your blogs from the Healthy Living Blogs website. I’ve recently made an effort to change my lifestyle for the healthier and find that I love ready about other people doing the same. I’ve found plenty of running blogs, but this is the first from a fellow chemical engineer (who also happens to live in the SF Bay Area). Looking forward to reading more! By the way…you’re so speedy! Wish I could say the same for myself!

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