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Snapping Myself Out Of It

After reading the post that I wrote yesterday, the Hubble asked me if I felt better once I wrote it. At first, I didn’t think so, since “letting it out” would have resulted in an angrier post and likely a lot of expletives. However, my gloomy mood started to lift shortly after I published the … Continue reading

NWM Training – 9 weeks out

Happy Monday everyone! I’m happy about it being Monday for once, since I am only going to be in the office until Wednesday this week! We are officially 9 weeks out from the Nike Women’s Marathon on October 17! I am feeling pretty confident that the race will go well based on how well my … Continue reading

Marathon Training: 20 miles

This morning marked my second 20 mile run of this marathon training cycle. I got up shortly after my alarm first went off at 5 AM and headed to the kitchen to get some breakfast and coffee. Lately I have been having the same thing before all of my long runs (2 pieces of sprouted … Continue reading

NWM Training – 10 weeks out

I am currently training for my third marathon, the Nike Women’s Marathon, held October 17, 2010 in San Francisco. If you’d like to learn more about my running background, check out the Running Tab at the top of the page! Anyway, I am 10 weeks out from the big race. My training for this week … Continue reading