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Curried Summer Salad + Catching Up

I wish I were still on vacation! I really enjoyed Reno and think that it is a much better fit for me than the Bay Area. Maybe one day we will live there! I snapped myself back to reality yesterday morning with a nice tough interval run. Here’s what my training schedule had laid out … Continue reading

Arugula and PepperĀ Omelette

I don’t usually get extreme post-run hunger until I wake up the day after a long run, and today was definitely not an exception. I feel like all I have done today is eat! Since the Hubble is out of town this evening, I was on my own for dinner. The first thought that popped … Continue reading

Marathon Training: 20 miles

This morning marked my second 20 mile run of this marathon training cycle. I got up shortly after my alarm first went off at 5 AM and headed to the kitchen to get some breakfast and coffee. Lately I have been having the same thing before all of my long runs (2 pieces of sprouted … Continue reading