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SRM Week 2 of 12

This post could alternatively be titled “SRM: the week I questioned my sanity”. After my first week of training, I was tired. More tired than I remember ever being during peak mileage weeks in past training cycles. Luckily, I planned rest days every Monday throughout the plan. By Tuesday I was feeling ready to tackle … Continue reading

Running Lately

Between vacation, getting sick post-vacation, and the ridiculous allergies I’ve been having, my running has been a bit less consistent than I’d normally like. While in Japan (4/11-4/21): I ran every day but one (not including travel days when I obviously was on a plane), ranging from 2.5-7.5 miles. I did manage to make it to … Continue reading

Race Report: River City Half Marathon 2012

This past Sunday, I ran the half marathon event of the River City Marathon here in Sacramento. The race was put on by Elemental Running and Training, who recently took it over. From the ERT website: ERT is proud to announce it will be assuming the calendar of events from Robert and Linda Mathis.  As many of … Continue reading

My dog loves to run.

There are certain things in life that our dog Gibbs absolutely loves. Some of these things are snuggling, eviscerating stuffed toys, bananas, going to the dog park, and pooping (yes, he gets very excited after he poops). However, if you want to see him go into a completely manic frenzy, all you have to say … Continue reading

Eugene Women’s Half Marathon Recap

Long time, no post! I guess that’s what happens when you spend 25 hours over the course of 4 days driving, and then have to squeeze in family time and a half marathon. Oh, and sleep! Sunday was the day of the Eugene Women’s Half Marathon in Eugene, OR. I decided to run the race … Continue reading

20 mile success!

Yesterday I tackled my third 20 mile training run. In all honesty, I woke up when my alarm went off at 5 am and thought “Why on earth do I do this to myself?” As tempted as I was to not run and just stay all snuggled up, the Hubble was right when he said … Continue reading

Curried Summer Salad + Catching Up

I wish I were still on vacation! I really enjoyed Reno and think that it is a much better fit for me than the Bay Area. Maybe one day we will live there! I snapped myself back to reality yesterday morning with a nice tough interval run. Here’s what my training schedule had laid out … Continue reading

Running in Reno

Since getting into Reno Wednesday night, I’ve had the chance to go on a couple of runs. I knew that it would be tough to adjust to running in the desert, but didn’t really think too much about the change in elevation. San Jose, where I normally run, is at an elevation of 87 feet; … Continue reading

Mental Barriers

Not too long ago, while talking with a coworker about how I was training for a marathon, he made the following comment: “Well, you certainly don’t look like you would run marathons.” It was a simple comment, and I know he was just being tactless and didn’t mean to insult me. However, the instant he … Continue reading

Infernal Intervals

Despite taking a rest day yesterday, I woke up this morning tired, with my quads feeling like bricks, and with minimal motivation to run. I still made myself get dressed and go, though, because today I had an interval workout scheduled! My training plan called for 2 sets of 6 x 400m with 1:30 rest … Continue reading